Buying a car can be a daunting task. Deciding on a make or model, whether to lease or to buy a new or used vehicle can lead to a whole lot of head scratching. Then you add in the cost factor and the situation just got a lot more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

When shopping for a vehicle, keep these helpful hints in mind so that you can focus on finding and buying what will best suit your needs and not get distracted by the car dealerships that try to persuade you to buy something that isn’t exactly what you bargained for. We’ll tell you how to get the best deal, no matter where you buy your car or truck, so listen closely.

  • Probably the biggest dilemma people have when shopping for a vehicle, beyond all of the models and colors and accessories, is whether they should buy new or used. All we can say is that there’s a good reason we’re in the used car business and it’s because, hands down, you will always get the best deal on a used versus a new vehicle, and we like putting people behind the wheels of great quality cars for less.


  • New car dealerships will try to persuade you with 0% financing and factory rebates, but in the end, when you buy used, you’re essentially getting the same car for less money. You see, no matter which model you buy, the minute you drive a new vehicle off the lot its value depreciates. So, if you’re looking at the same models of car or truck at new and used car dealerships, you’re likely to pay thousands less for a car that’s even one or two years old than if you were to buy it brand new.  Even with the 0% financing that virtually all of the new car dealerships are offering these days, you can still get a better deal when you buy used. Just think about it: Say you bought a brand new Toyota with 0% financing. Even though you won’t pay interest on your purchase you will still have paid more than if you had bought a nearly new car of the same model. Then, the second you leave that lot, you will be driving a used car anyway and the value of that car will drop anywhere from 15 to 20% in the first three years. Zero percent financing is great, but you’ve got to stop and think about the overall price tag of whatever vehicle you buy. Your best option would be to buy a used Toyota.
  • But, all the seriousness aside, did you know it can be a whole lot more FUN to buy and drive a used rather than a new car or truck? Another reason used models are a better buy is because you can actually end up getting a fancier vehicle for the same amount of money as a basic, brand new model. At new car dealerships, up to thousands more will be tacked on to the final price tag for upgrades, whereas you can find the same features when shopping at used car dealerships for considerably less. Whether you want to pay less for all of the bells and whistles that really make driving fun is up to you.

Now that you know a little bit more about what to expect when shopping at various dealerships, making a decision about which make or model to buy will be a whole lot easier. Stop by Haims Motors and see why so many people have chosen to buy used vehicles from us. Combine our huge selection with guaranteed low prices, and no-hassle financing and you’re bound to have nothing but a positive shopping experience.

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